As designers committed to decolonizing our practices, we feel that it is important for us to help amplify Black voices that have historically been underrepresented within our discipline. We are using this site as a public platform in support of Black Lives Matter within our communities and beyond. We ask that you take some time alongside looking at our work, to explore these collected resources.


Dear white & non-Black POC designers
Where are the Black designers?
Decolonial Teaching in Action


Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
A Radical Library (incl. books, texts, podcasts, & articles)
How to talk to people who disagree
How to support Black artists

An animated visual thesis narrative.
This poster series displays how social media and texting language has become universal, regardless of cultural differences. In a society where English dominates native languages, there is a pressure to conform. This series brings awareness to communication in a world where language is not inclusive.
This digital app design displays a one-stop-shop for language translation/ education, visual mapping, ticket booking, cultural information and more, within one digital application. This digital consumer product and experience aims to achieve a universal design solution for barriers amongst language and culture globally.
Explore The Second Dimension, is a visual campaign to bring awareness to the digital application. I have chosen to advertise in global locations such as international airports, transportation facilities, and on travel postcards to reach a global range of people. The campaign directly drives viewers to the app.
A rendered AR exhibition to view the universal language interactive experience.