As designers committed to decolonizing our practices, we feel that it is important for us to help amplify Black voices that have historically been underrepresented within our discipline. We are using this site as a public platform in support of Black Lives Matter within our communities and beyond. We ask that you take some time alongside looking at our work, to explore these collected resources.


Dear white & non-Black POC designers
Where are the Black designers?
Decolonial Teaching in Action


Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
A Radical Library (incl. books, texts, podcasts, & articles)
How to talk to people who disagree
How to support Black artists

Aini Haider 🏅ERROR: NATURE NOT FOUNDDiane Mikhael
Alexa Di FeliceCommon Ground- A Universal Digital SystemDiane Mikhael
Almira MasangcayHomelessness in TorontoDebbie Adams
Alyana Sawh Change the Mindset, Not the BodiesIsabel Meirelles
Alyshea KaraConsuming ConnectionsKarin Von Ompteda
Alyssa BernardoPink PressImmony Men & Renata Leitao
Anastasiia KrasnovaSwitch > International Campaign on Light PollutionDiane Mikhael
Angela Tavernese(8 months of) TYPE INTERPRETATIONAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Annie ChenMovement in ZDiane Mikhael
Carly BruceSTOIC IDEASAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Chen Luo权威 · 官方 (AUTHORITY & OFFICIAL)Lewis Nicholson
Chen ShangThe Post-PostFrederick Burbach
Cheryl TongIn Between IdentitiesKarin Von Ompteda
Cindy LukDigital Media ManipulationDebbie Adams
Claudia ChauThought of HomeDebbie Adams
Connie LêHiểu Không?Isabel Meirelles
Connie Tungi am a machineAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Deborah KhodanovichHow do you Exhibit a Ghost Discipline?Ali Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Dennis Espino MaravillaLouie and FriendsKarin Von Ompteda
Emi Takahashi 🏅KACHI-BUWAAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Emma StoboWhat's The Mix Up?Isabel Meirelles
Erin HaFlashbackJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Francis HoIt's Not Me, It's YouKarin Von Ompteda
Galen WardEncountrDiane Mikhael
Helen KurnevichA Primitive Future: Clarity 2030Lewis Nicholson
Hikari YaraHappy HikariJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Iris TiThe TouchJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Jack Irwin#canceledFrederick Burbach
Janet ChoLet's Make MusicKarin Von Ompteda
Jasmine ZangKILL THE LIGHTSDebbie Adams
Jason ZanteKaisipanFrederick Burbach
Jeffrey LingOVERLOADJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Jenny GuMealtime memoirsDiane Mikhael
Jenny HwangColorGo!Frederick Burbach
Jessica CviloThe VentLewis Nicholson
Jessica KwanMemory FairIsabel Meirelles
Jessie LauThe Future of AdulthoodJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Jocelyn EscamillanWhat IfIsabel Meirelles
Jooeun KimDrug Packaging DesignDebbie Adams
Justine FisherEmotional ArchitectureIsabel Meirelles
Krystal ZhouKAI-SŌImmony Men & Renata Leitao
Laura TersigniSYNESTHESISAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Liza AkhmedNimi MindsFrederick Burbach
Lucia KimBittersweet Dreams!Diane Mikhael
Lucy FerreiraTypographic MechanizationFrederick Burbach
Marina ArzanovaH A R M O N YLewis Nicholson
Matthew BeaubienGraphic ResonanceAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Min Kyung KimTHE JOURNEY OF SELFKarin Von Ompteda
Moeka MiwaFruitie: Adult toys truly for womenIsabel Meirelles
Moi HuangDigital Disconnection - Data VisualizationDebbie Adams
Mrinal DhaseUnfairIsabel Meirelles
My VuongFood FitFrederick Burbach
Nhan LeFloWorldIsabel Meirelles
Noah MelroseArtifactualLewis Nicholson
Olivia NiWu Language GalleryLewis Nicholson
Patricia LukTeaching Tools for Graphic DesignAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Paz Pereira-VegaThe Materiality of Digital CultureKarin Von Ompteda
Peter JiangCityBlocksFrederick Burbach
Phinny NguyNemesisIsabel Meirelles
Rachel McCormickTreasure TroveIsabel Meirelles
Rand HabbalThesis: Beauty ExploredDebbie Adams
Rebecca Wilkinson 🏅library library — Towards a graphic design publication practiceAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Rena JakhuThe Future of AdulthoodJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Romel Keith AgtangNetsomniaLewis Nicholson
Rozie WhillansCrafts & Cities: exploring unique mediums and places for graphic designersDebbie Adams
Ruizhou liPerceptions of RealityFrederick Burbach
Samantha Tina TononStructures of ControlJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Samiya KarimReviving BloordaleIsabel Meirelles
Santana Miele What's Cooking?Jessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Sarah Cameron BeamishBlonde Beautiful DeadKarin Von Ompteda
Sarah FengData ObscuraAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Simreet Kaur SandhuIndebted - The Untold Story of Sikhs in Ontario (1960-1999)Isabel Meirelles
Sun YoonTO DISTORTAli Qadeer & Richard Hunt
Sunny JungNAEMOJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Tasha Antonellis(IN)VISIBILITYDebbie Adams
Tasha TringaleDo Better ThingsKarin Von Ompteda
Tess DunnVestige: A Reinvigoration of The Fairytale.Lewis Nicholson
Tobi MiObject And Self: An Observational StudyJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
Tony KongStresslessIsabel Meirelles
Vivien Leefuture waterKarin Von Ompteda
Vivien ZengPlastic FoodsDebbie Adams
Wincy ChanEXPERIMENT#: OCD/30DDebbie Adams
Wuzheng CuiThe Point of PointlessnessJessica Leong & Tristan Marantos
YongXian LuOT&P (Open, Talk and Protect)Karin Von Ompteda
Zaiah BriscoeJaiden Leads the Way - Children's BookDiane Mikhael