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Dear white & non-Black POC designers
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Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
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How to talk to people who disagree
How to support Black artists

Could taste be defined through visuals? Each participant was asked to eat a specific food item. Then, they were asked to create their taste visuals using the translation system. Please visit the synesthesis website using this link For optimum quality view in google chrome.
I visualized different gradients to define sound. I used the grid system of the grid mesh tool to map out the sounds in space. I created a language that visually communicates the sounds such as when two sounds merge together how does it appear within the map.
Sensory memory is a recollection brought by a sense from a brief memory retained from another sense. Smell often retains the longest memory as it can bring upon old memories one did not think they could remember. The pouch contains a scent along with a shared memory from a participant.