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“Book of Revelations” is an experimental book that combines a series of data visualizations and illustrated pages. It is a visual essay that reveals trends concerning bedtime internet use and sleep durations. The data were extracted from an online survey conducted with more than 200 participants, in which denotes the declining of sleep and increasing online presence at night.
A Wake-Up Call to Sleep – The structure of the book is meant to represent a hybrid of old and new media and the concept of a bedtime story book (in the perspective of a sleep deprived person). The contents serve as an information source, detailing the possible outcomes of smartphone reliance and the consequences of lack of sleep. Each data visualization is also meant to be deciphered through augment reality. Therefore, creating a sense of collaboration between the print (reality) and the digital (new media).
The data are expressed subtly into complete abstraction in order to facilitate an immersive approach. This is to break from the conventionality of representing critical data, making it more engaging and to relatively address short attention spans.
Relevant data from the survey are expressed graphically and supplemented by illustrations to contextualize each, so to provide narrative and variations. The book is populated with various information in order to mimic the nature of never-ending information as experienced in the internet and in the culture of social media.
“PhoneCrib” – The project is also accompanied by a product concept meant to serve as a reaction to the demanding sleep industry and the quest for consumers to find the best sleep aid. It is a product that helps to facilitate device management for someone who cannot put their electronic device(s) down...Ask yourself this, If I am sleep deprived and addicted to the internet but eager to discipline myself from this behaviour, would I consider buying this product for my own sake?