As designers committed to decolonizing our practices, we feel that it is important for us to help amplify Black voices that have historically been underrepresented within our discipline. We are using this site as a public platform in support of Black Lives Matter within our communities and beyond. We ask that you take some time alongside looking at our work, to explore these collected resources.


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Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
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The title "Unfair" is a play on words; colourism ensures that people with "fair" skin are treated better than those with "unfair" skin, which is unfair. You get it.
A theme throughout the book is Retro Bollywood, because while it features gorgeous imagery, many themes around beauty are problematic and seriously idealize light skin.
My book "Unfair" goes into in-depth discussions about the roots of colourism which lie in the ancient caste system, colonialism & other invaders, and popular media.
The section "It's All Relative" talks about a major theme of sibling comparison in terms of skin tone in the South Asian community. Within it, you can see these photographs (taken by me) of twins Isa & Sia alongside an interview with their parents.
The section also features photographs of my own sister Prachi and I, (directed by me, shot by Jason Zante), as well as a discussion-style interview I had with her in which we talk about our own experiences with colourism.