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A book I created outlines some of the key systems we have in our lives and might not give a second thought too. In the book, I outline what these systems are (or grids as I call them) and question if they add value to our lives or not.
I thought about how we design spaces. I looked at how infrastructure controls and limits our movements. I record three different methods of movements (walking, driving, and animal) in parks and subdivisions. From these movements, I created a book using clear sheets to show the contrast in paths through overlapping.
Have we become dependent on the grid that we cannot function without it? I created a website with puzzles that had no end, made of movements. The puzzles were either very controlled or free. I had people screen shot results of puzzles. I then created camouflage out of the compositions.
I wanted to photograph the camouflage in the environments I recorded my movements. I took photos on a sidewalk, road, and in a field. These images show the data on the coveralls and places it in its original environments. Sidewalk = Walking, Road = Driving, Field = Animal Movement.
Camouflage photo series. In this series, a model poses in environments that camouflage data was recorded in. The objective wasn't to hide but instead I wanted a relationship to be formed with the environment through body position. The model poses in both conventional and unconventional ways to achieve this.