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Dear white & non-Black POC designers
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Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
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A few spreads from my process book summing up my first project. I created letterforms by making a process of taping a square and flooding the square with ink and acrylic paint (later digitizing them), creating very minimalistic counters, alluding to an emotion inspired by a quote.
Inspired by the subversive history of women using thread as ink & wages for housework campaign. Using 70 yards of thread and 17 hours of labour to stitch the final garment. I stitched the lettering inside out to expose the labour that would usually be hidden on sewn garments.
This was my mini exhibit I created at the midterm mark. The main goal for this exhibit was to make the labour and process of the projects I had completed to date be visible to the viewers.
These few spreads encompass a few exploration created during quarantine, which allowed me to keep my momentum going. The two projects shown are 1. customizable pull tab poster 2. black thumb press inspired letterforms.
These final few spreads showcase the few booklets that came out of this body of work. I designed a Zine to give more context to my invisible labour project, a Women in typography booklet, and the TYPE book cover is my process book which encompasses everything from this thesis project!