As designers committed to decolonizing our practices, we feel that it is important for us to help amplify Black voices that have historically been underrepresented within our discipline. We are using this site as a public platform in support of Black Lives Matter within our communities and beyond. We ask that you take some time alongside looking at our work, to explore these collected resources.


Dear white & non-Black POC designers
Where are the Black designers?
Decolonial Teaching in Action


Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
A Radical Library (incl. books, texts, podcasts, & articles)
How to talk to people who disagree
How to support Black artists

The main body of work is an interview-based book. The discussions in these interviews address what we eat, where we eat and how we eat. How food is obtained and prepared makes our cultural values and practices visible.
In addition to the interviews I styled and created a series of photographs to narrate the stories people told. Following the interviews I asked participants additional questions leading them to describe what their spreads should look like, which helped me construct the visual narrative.
The book contains fold out pages as well as inserted recipes which I collected from interview participants.
The prompt cards I created as a supporting project, function as a way to generate conversation and allow people to share their own experiences. These cards have questions from the interview book. After reading the book people are then provided a space to share their own experiences
The recipe card encourages people to document dishes relevant to their culture. By writing the recipes down people are encouraged to learn how to cook them, as well as share these dishes with friends or future generations.