As designers committed to decolonizing our practices, we feel that it is important for us to help amplify Black voices that have historically been underrepresented within our discipline. We are using this site as a public platform in support of Black Lives Matter within our communities and beyond. We ask that you take some time alongside looking at our work, to explore these collected resources.


Dear white & non-Black POC designers
Where are the Black designers?
Decolonial Teaching in Action


Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Become a better ally
A Radical Library (incl. books, texts, podcasts, & articles)
How to talk to people who disagree
How to support Black artists

Mockup front cover of Memory Fair Newspaper Archive: a printed artifact in which the AR videos can be viewed via mobile app by scanning the image targets. The archive contextualizes the meaning of each participant memory and the process behind the AR design.
Mockup introduction spread that discusses the intent and concept behind Memory Fair Newspaper.
Mockup newspaper spread that defines the importance of nostalgia in a poetic manner. Also breaks up the content for purposes of variety.
Mockup newspaper spread of Poké Travels, Silver Lining, and SandBanks memory featuring an image target for AR recognition and a news article written in third-person detailing the context of each participants' memory. Each memory has a creative headline that teases what the memory is about.
Mockup newspaper spread of Poké Travels, Silver Lining, and SandBanks memory that discusses the concept and process behind the design.